If you're reading this blog, you are probably expecting or just welcomed a new baby in to the world! A huge congratulations to you! If you've followed my page long enough you know I LOVE my newborn sessions and families that choose me to document such a special time of their life. Babies are truly a gift!

One of my most frequently asked questions is "When should I book a newborn session with you?" In this blog, I will share with you a few suggestions and what I think is best as well as a few other frequently asked questions!

When should I book or reserve a spot for a session?

Most clients inquire and book with me in their 2nd trimester.. most of the time after their 12 week appointment! The sooner the better in my opinion. Odds are if you wait until closer to your due date, or after baby is born, I will not have availability to work you in. With the high demand of newborn sessions, I only take a certain number of newborn clients a month to ensure I can work everyone in. Because I take limited availability, it's harder for me to take work-ins or last minute bookings once baby arrives. Some months I am able to, but other months I cannot. To reserve a spot on my schedule, I require a retainer to be paid to secure your spot. The rest of payment is not due until the day before or day of your session.

Do you pre-schedule our actual newborn session?

Because babies are quite unpredictable on their arrival, I personally do not pre-schedule newborn sessions. I keep track of your due date, and ask you keep me updated along the way. Some mommas go past their due date, while others may have baby earlier than planned! Unless you have a scheduled c-section, I do not put a concrete date on my schedule until baby is born. If you have a scheduled c-section, we can set a date in advance!

You may be asking "so when do we book after they are born?" Great question! Once baby arrives on this side, I like to photograph them within 7-20 days after birth. You can message, email, or text me once baby arrives and I will send options over on booking a date! My newborn sessions are done Monday through Friday, typically in the morning or an afternoon time! If your spouse or other children cannot do a daytime appointment, the family portion of the session can be done after school or in the evening. Baby's portion is best to be done during the day.

Why are newborns photographed so soon after birth?

Every newborn photographer may differ in their opinion of this timeframe, but generally speaking, I feel it's best to do the session when baby is still very sleepy and still very flexible from being curled up in the womb. This time frame is usually within the first 1-3 weeks. I generally do not do newborn sessions past the 3 week mark! Once baby gets closer to their 1 month mark (unless they were a premie) they are usually more "touchy" and less bendy, making it difficulty to get the sleepy, curly newborn photos most of my parents love!

That being said, it's not impossible to get cute, snuggly pictures of babies that are older than 3 weeks.. each baby differs and has their own personality and preferences. Some are more receptive to touch and wake very easily. Some go in to a deep snooze and never open their eyes. They are each truly different, and lots of factors can affect their session! If you have a premie baby, you have a much longer window of opportunity for newborn photos because they tend to be born much smaller, and stay a bit sleepier longer than a full term baby.

Can the newborn session be in your studio or at my home?

This answer is entirely up to you! My studio sessions are fully styled, meaning I have everything you need for your session for the baby. You just show up with your sweet baby and I will take care of the rest! I have dozens of swaddles, outfits, bows, headbands, hats, stuffed animals, baskets, bowls, other props... you name it, I probably have it! Of course I ask you what creative direction you'd like to go. I actually send a style guide on what to wear for family photos and a checklist over for you to pick what you want to use for baby for your session!

If you opt for an in home session, I can still bring swaddles, hats, headbands, and a bowl or basket, but I tend to use more of the items you have at your home already.. that makes the session more tailored to the vibe of your home or the uniqueness of baby's nursery! Some call these sessions "lifestyle sessions" because they are less posed than my studio newborn sessions.

How much are newborn sessions?

I offer two types of newborn sessions: a baby only session and a classic newborn session that includes family + baby poses. I also have a variety of milestone packages for baby's first year of life. Please feel free to send me an inquiry through the form below, email to laurentylerphotography@gmail.com, or you are welcome to contact me on my Facebook page!